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august, 2002


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Jay Allman on Batman: TAS   Jamie Weinman on Animaniacs  
  "Batman: Witness"   "When did the Warners jump the shark?"
A look at the life of Animaniacs
  "We are told that as a child, Bruce Wayne witnessed his parents’ murder. That is why he became Batman. (Well, yes, we think. That would certainly explain it—if you’re looking for an explanation)" read more   "Animaniacs was a co-production of Warner Bros. Animation and Steven Spielberg’s Amblin Entertainment. Most of the staff was the same as on WB Animation’s earlier shows; Tiny Toons producers Tom Ruegger and Sherri Stoner were..." read more  
Samuel Feldman on Pinky and the Brain      
  "The evolution of Pinky's voice" Check out The Warner Bros. Animation Archive's Voice section in four weeks for our next issue, featuring several more editorials!  
"Occasionally in an animated series, a voice of a character can change or go through a series of evolutions. Nathan Ruegger’s Skippy the Squirrel voice changed drastically throughout the life span of Animaniacs..." read more