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-Histeria! premieres on Kids’ WB. Tom Ruegger creates a sketch comedy atmosphere in this animated series intending to educated children about history (and meet FCC programming requirements). Kids’ WB orders 65 episodes, and the series is reported as one of Warner Bros.’s most expensive shows ever produced.

-Steven Spielberg Presents Pinky, Elmyra and the Brain debuts on Kids’ WB. The network had asked Pinky and the Brain producers to come up with a pilot for a new series starring Pinky and the Brain and some new characters to make the show "more like The Simpsons". The result is a failure and spells the end for Pinky and the Brain.

-Batman Beyond debuts on The WB primetime, immediately moving to Kids’ WB. The series is created to capture a younger audience, but the producers work hard to stay true to the characters of the Batman universe and the continuity they established with Batman: The Animated Series and Superman.

-Histeria! production goes over budget, and only 52 of 65 half hours are completed. Many artists are laid off, thus beginning animation’s “false recession”.

-The New Batman/Superman Adventures wins Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Special Class - Animated Program for episode “Worlds Finest”.

-Steven Spielberg Presents Animaniacs wins Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Music Direction and Composition for episode “The Brain’s Apprentice”.



  -Feature length The Quest for Camelot, directed by Frederik Du Chau is released in theatres on May 15, 1998. The film is panned by critics and audiences and grosses only $22,717,758 in the United States.